In order for any leaflet distribution to be successful in terms of generating a decent response rate, there are five important factors that have to come together at the same time. This summaries these four factors in order to help you to get the most out of your leaflet distribution campaigns.

1) The leaflet design must appropriate for the audience you are targeting and should stand out from the ‘crowd’. In any leaflet distribution campaign your first priority it to get the attention of the recipient. Make your leaflet shine.

2) The timing has to be right. If you sell summer products then the best time to start the campaign to boost your sales would be in the Spring time. Think ahead before jumping into your campaign.

3) Assuming that the first three are correct then you need to persuade people to respond there and then. You need to entice them to respond. There are many ways to achieve this, the most effective of which is a good time limited offer, for example:

“This offer is only available until …. so call now to avoid disappointment”


“The first …. people will receive an additional 10% discount…”

This will have more effect on getting people to buy your product or service.

4) Last but by no means least, the leaflet distribution has to be done properly by a reputable and reliable company. For example, by doing your homework into companies that have great response rate and there are positive reviews then you will have peace of mind that your distribution will be done properly