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Car leafleting is a great way to get your message across!

Leaflets will be left on windscreens of thousands of cars at different public car parks and surrounding streets in an area(s) of your choice. We will then continue to go round these public car parks and streets each hour to put fresh leaflets on newly parked cars throughout the day to ensure maximum exposure. This is a great way to get your message across as even if the leaflet is not read straight away it is usually brought into the customers car where it will be read at a future time when the driver is waiting in traffic etc.

This can be used in many ways, as a form of mass marketing to all members of the public who drive (and thus have disposable income), but it can be a lot more targeted than that if you wish. We can target any vehicle demographic group of your choice!  Our most popular requests are “only cars above a value of around £10,000 and over” or “only family cars”. A mass car park marketing campaign is ideal for all businesses targeting the general public.

However, what if you only want to target trade or business to business? We can do this for you as well. We will target only trade vehicles for you and even go much further with this. For example if you are a glass wholesaler you will only want to target tradesmen who will be looking for glass, glaziers, conservatory fitters, joiners, double glazing firms etc. A general leafleting campaign in for example a shopping centre car park is pointless for your market. So we will go to car parks and areas that will be full of your potential customers. For example we would target typical wholesaler areas where trade and work vehicles are typically going to visit throughout the week to pick up supplies etc. We can also target building sites in your chosen area and even seek out businesses in the area of your choice and leaflet their vehicles outside of their premises.

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You will have full control over your order with us!

  • Choose how many leaflets you wish to be delivered, when to commence delivery and over what kind of timescale
  • Choose which kind of vehicles we will target
  • Choose which area’s we will target
  • Choose which kinds of car parks we will target

Or  we can take care of it all for you from start to finish!

  • We can design your leaflet or flyer for you!
  • We can have your marketing material printed!
  • We have software in place that will tell us where your best chances are for the best results from your campaign.
  • We can evaluate the best vehicles to target to market to your core customer base
  • Your detailed report, during and after your marketing campaign has finished will be delivered to your office.

Contact us if you are not sure how many leaflets to order. Simply tell us the area’s you wish to market to or the rough demographic group. We will then be able to draw up a plan for your campaign which will include how many leaflets you will require.

Mass disposable income driver campaign for only £89 per thousand!

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