Professional Leaflet Distribution

Probably the nation’s number 1 leaflet delivery company!

Leaflet distribution is one of the most cost effective ways of getting your companies message across to the public. It attracts new customers more efficiently compared to many other costly advertising methods like TV or newspaper advertising.

Direct Leaflets are a leader in our industry and have set the standard in the UK for professionalism and price. We were one of the first to use the latest GPS technology and constantly supervise our staff with management teams who do not deliver but simply supervise. Direct Leaflets offer our leaflet distribution service with various price options so you can concentrate on cost or control while always getting the same high standard of delivery every time. We know that with leaflet distribution the quality of the distribution and a guarantee is essential for our client’s full satisfaction.

Direct Leaflets are proud to work for you and will always go above and beyond what you would expect from your leaflet distribution company.

This includes as standard with every leaflet distribution contract…

  • A team leader who works door to door with the team and is responsible for the daily distribution operations of their team.
  • GPS tracking of every team member to track them throughout their working day ensuring the correct streets are targeted.
  • Random door checks throughout the delivery area by Direct Leaflets managers to confirm delivery of your material. We also conduct simultaneous phone checks by our office staff in the same area, speaking to householders. This guarantees the delivery was completed and just as importantly only one of your leaflets was delivered through each door!
  • A full end of distribution report is provided to every client. This includes detailed maps, information of any ‘no access’ properties, the addresses of the random manager checks and the GPS tracking information all included in our unique reporting system.

At Direct Leaflet’s we only use our own staff to deliver your message who are always accompanied by a team leader and fully supervised. Our staff are constantly tracked by GPS as standard. If you choose the solus leaflet distribution method we will distribute your leaflets alone, with no other material whatsoever. This also entitles you to choose the exact distribution dates and areas. We can work from your custom made maps, postcodes you have chosen, towns or any other way you want us to work. Our GPS trackers are programmed each day to ensure that our leaflet distributors stay on route. This ensures that your instructions on where and when you want your leaflets delivered are met perfectly. It’s just one part of our service that makes us second to none!

Read Here to find out more about why you should choose Direct Leaflets to deliver your marketing material.
Direct Leaflets distribute my menus for me. I am very happy with the success of my distributions with them. I always use them.
Cafe India
Direct Leaflets distribute my menus for me. I am very happy with the success of my distributions with them. I always uaI ordered 10,000 leaflets to be printed and distributed under Direct Leaflets solus plan. I was very pleased with the response which started within hours of the distribution starting!se them.
Fiona MacDonald
Shoes 4 u
It is a pleasure to work with Direct Leaflets each and every time. The distribution work is completed very professionally and I get good leads and sales from them.
Steven Richardson``
Adekra Glass
I order 20,000 leaflets to be distributed around my salons every month to highlight my latest promotions. I always get a good response with new and current clients. A+++
Sarah Pollok
Hair Heaven

Direct Leaflets – Leaflet Distribution With A Full Money Back Guarantee!