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Our world revolves around leaflet distribution!

Welcome to Direct Leaflets, 
The United Kingdom’s premium leaflet distribution company.

Direct Leaflets are a nationwide leaflet distribution company with bases in London and Glasgow. We have been operating since March 2011, starting off in Glasgow before expanding across Scotland in 2012 and the rest of the UK throughout 2013 and 2014. Our companies aim is simple, to offer a superior service while at the same time offering a better price than our competitors. Our use of GPS tracking, mapping systems, team leaders, random door checks and random phone checks shows that we are passionate about ensuring your contract is delivered in full. We offer all of our checks and GPS as standard with every order, we will never charge you more like some of our competitors for GPS to make sure we are doing our job right, we see that as essential!

Direct Leaflets operate nationwide, however all of our teams are local to their working areas to ensure local knowledge for your campaign. This guarantees a better understanding on the layout of the areas and other issues that can only be known by local knowledge of the streets and areas they are working in. Our teams can work from as little as 5,000 leaflets, right up to a nationwide campaign of hundreds of thousands! We strive to make sure that you, our valued business partner, are always not just happy with our service, but feel we have excelled your expectations.

We are so confident that you will be happy with our service we offer a full guarantee with every order placed, for your peace of mind. Why not give one of our friendly staff members a quick call or email us to enquire about our service or to place a test order of a few thousand leaflets. We promise you will not be disappointed, and we guarantee it!

At direct Leaflets we understand it’s not just about us taking your marketing material and getting it delivered as quickly as possible. There is a lot more to it than that and we pride ourselves on our staff’s attitude, quality of delivery and pride in making sure we leave a positive memory of not just our own staff, but your company as well!


Our Prices are second to none!

Before we even start to deliver your marketing material the first step we take to make sure you are fully satisfied with our service is our price. We have made our price as low as possible to make sure we always beat our competition and have various options to make sure if you don’t need full control you can save even more. This includes local companies right up to national and even international companies that choose us to deliver their marketing material.

Our price starts from just £29 per thousand for our shared plan!

Why should we go with Direct Leaflets over another international delivery service?

There are many reasons for choosing us.

The first is our range of services that bigger companies just cannot match. They will never hand out flyers for you in the street for example, but if you want us to do that for you, we will happily do it. We can even wear your work uniforms and logo’s, The international companies won’t do that for you either!

The second is our Door to Door Solus plan. This plan means that we can deliver your marketing material without any other correspondence being delivered with it. As a result your marketing material is the only piece of information that the householder is going to the door to collect, giving it maximum exposure. This is very important as more often than not people go to their door in the morning and are greeted by several bills, important letters, flyers and other “spam mail” all delivered together. Having your marketing material delivered by the same company that is delivering bills at the same time will only push the importance of your message lower, hurting your marketing materials impact on householders.

The third is price. You may have thought International logistic companies would be cheaper than us, as they are sending their staff out to deliver other mail anyway, so it shouldn’t cost too much extra to deliver your material, right? Wrong! Direct Leaflets price for delivering your marketing material starts at just £29 per thousand, and that can’t be beaten!


What About Putting The Marketing Material Into Newspapers?

The issue most people have with leaflets inside of newspaper is similar to an international delivery company delivering your marketing material with customers important bills, it’s not what they want to be focusing on at that time. That’s not to say they wouldn’t have read your leaflet if there was nothing else to read, the issue is when people buy newspapers they are buying it for the content on the page, not for the leaflets inside. Plus it often annoys people as they fall out and make their car/office / home messy.

The key to getting your message across to the public is to make sure your marketing material is not the after thought, but the main reason why they have lifted up your material. The best way to do this is door to door or another method of direct marketing where the leaflet is king!

Assurance of Delivery With Team Leaders, GPS & Random Checks!

At Direct Leaflets we don’t do what some other direct marketing companies may do and give your leaflets to kids in the hope they may be delivered. We only employ adults who go through a vigorous interview process like any other job, making sure we get good people in from the start. We find this step very important as you will find out below!

Team Leaders

Secondly we don’t just employ adults and then leave them to it. We employ Team Leaders for each leafleting squad. The team leaders are in charge of at least 4 other distributors and spend the full day delivering the marketing material alongside the rest of their team, making sure he/she knows what their team are doing all day. As a result each team leader provides a detailed report at the end of the day showing us what route/streets each team member leafleted. This is in turn passed onto you, the most detailed end of contract report in the industry!


On top of that we also provide every team member with a phone, this is for safety reasons so we can always get in touch with our staff, but also for our reporting process. Each phone provides GPS tracking of each member throughout their working day and reports this back to us. It shows us what route that team member took to deliver their share of the marketing material.

Random Door Checks*

The gps tracking and team leaders will assure our distributors are going around the correct streets all day, but this doesn’t guarantee distribution. During the duration of your marketing campaign our managers will do random spot checks at random addresses in random streets that had just been leafleted either earlier that day or the day before. We then introduce ourselves and show an I.D badge, explain we are there to do a quick spot check and if the householder agrees then the managers proceed to ask them a few quick questions. These include, ‘Do you remember the leaflet and how it was delivered?’, ‘if you were in at the time can you remember if the distributor was respectful and closed the gate, kept to the foot paths etc?’ as well as a few other general questions if the householder recalls the drop on the performance of the leaflet and the leafleter. This ensures that we can guarantee your delivery with a full money back guarantee. It also helps your potential customers to remember your leaflet easier and leaves them with the knowledge that you care about them.

Random Phone Checks*

As well as the door checks our staff also conduct random phone checks. In a similar way to the door checks our staff simply asks if they have received a leaflet, it was only one leaflet and if they were happy with the distributor. This is just another way to ensure the leaflets are being delivered in full.

*At the request of the customer we do not have to take this step if you do not wish us to do the random spot checks on your leaflet drop.

Leaflets at the bottom of Flats

If you stay in a flat or have visited friends or family who stay in flats the chances are you will see leaflets, catalogues etc. dumped at the bottom of the stairs. We make sure our staff never this! Our staff will deliver to high rise buildings and tenements but deliver straight through letterboxes, we never leave them at the bottom. We plan our route to make sure we go to these types of properties in the morning, so we can get easy access and deliver to every door just as we would if they were houses!

This is all tallied up to ensure the delivery route taken, the team leaders paperwork and the random checks all match and all show your marketing material was delivered. There simply is no other company out there that will go to the lengths we go to to ensure your marketing material is delivered in full!



As we gather the information from the team leaders and the GPS we compile all this information into one end of contract report for our clients. As each contract finishes (or per week if it is a long term contract) we will email or post your full report showing every property that has been delivered to, signed off by the team leader(s) and also the result of the random door and phone checks with the addresses of the checks!


Quality Staff

The team leader is in charge of his/her team and each team takes pride in their own work. The team leaders always ensure that both they and their team are good ambassadors for our, and your company. On top of this all members of staff are given training on all aspects of customer service. This includes everything our staff may encounter, from usual events like closing gates behind them and following proper footpaths only to going into more detail about your service if any customer stops them to ask about it.

Our staff also wear full uniforms and I.D badges at all times while delivering!

Are there any hidden costs?
Never. We only charge you what we quote you. There are no hidden charges or extra costs for you deciding, for example, when and where you want your leaflets distributed to. This is part of the service you pay for when buying for example a solus package.

How will I know my leaflets/newspapers/menus will be delivered?
We offer a fully GPS tracked service so you will know exactly what has been delivered and where, which will be updated daily for you! Every leaflet, newspaper, menu or card that we take to deliver will be delivered to the area/postcode that you have requested, and it will be done by our adult members of staff. We won’t even just send out staff in one or two either. We send out a team to work who are always accompanied by a team leader. The Team Leader will in turn keep a detailed map of where the leaflets have been delivered to, which you can check at anytime!

The combination of a Team Leader, who is held responsible for all deliveries of his or her team, with GPS tracking of every distributor and random checks done a few times each and every week we ensure that we always deliver on our promise.

What is the smallest or largest amount you will deliver?
We will deliver from just 5,000 leaflets and have no maximum amount! We will start at just 5,000 leaflets as we have found many companies like to have a small taster of our service before placing a big order, to see if we can deliver on what we promise. We always can deliver, and we see that with so many returning customers, usually to place orders much larger than their first!

How quickly can you start working on an order?
If it is just a leaflet drop and you have ordered via the solus package, we can start the very next available day. We can work 7 days a week to fulfil your expectations! If you have placed an order to work with us with design and/or printing as well it may take a week or so to have the printing completed in order to start delivering. To avoid disappointment we always recommend that you try to book in your distribution at least 14 days before your preferred start date as we are often fully booked weeks in advance.

How targeted will my delivery be?
That is entirely down to you. We can deliver based on postcodes, general area’s or even work to your exact map, whichever way you choose!

If I choose Solus as my delivery method, does it mean it is only my leaflet and nothing more?
Exactly! If you pay for Solus you have full control over your package, from where we deliver your leaflet to having it just your marketing going through the letterboxes. When leaflets are delivered in two’s or three’s, or even worse in a newspaper, it detracts from your message. Some people will only read one of two of the leaflets before binning them all. That is why solus is so popular and so loved by companies with ambitions to grow.

What area’s do you cover?
We cover the whole of the United Kingdom! Our prices are based on distributions in main cities and towns. An additional fee may have to apply for village distributions or distributions for example in Northern Wales or Northern Scotland.


If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us!

Direct Leaflets are always looking to recruit the right people to join our teams throughout the country. If you feel you have what it takes and want to work for one of the biggest names in leaflet distribution with genuine prospects of moving up in the company send us your CV with a quick cover letter.

Email us here: jobs@directleaflets.com

Direct Leaflets – Leaflet Distribution With A Full Money Back Guarantee!