Business to Business Distribution

We all know that companies distribute to households to get their marketing material out to people. But how many know that it is possible to get the material straight to the hands of business owners?

Where’s best to get your material to the people you really need to target? Right at the place where they do all their business!!

By handing it straight to them they will find it very difficult to ignore.


An advantage of it going straight to the business owner at their premises is they will have the material to hand if they are thinking about using a service you offer have to offer, if they receive it at home it might get put somewhere they don’t see or if they do by the time they get to work the next day they might forget all about it!


Business to Business Distribution

Our teams will hand deliver the material to business owners in the area you desire. This specialised way of distribution will take planning as we have to prepare maps to reach your target audience. It also takes more time to deliver your material as businesses are not close together like households are.

You can work from a set number of leaflets, and targeting certain areas of the city or hitting every business in the city until your leaflets run out!

Other methods

Why not take advantage of our other service to target business owners, get our staff handing out leaflets to them either in the morning, lunchtime or evening when they are likely to be out of the office.


For more information on this service please go to our Flyer Handout Service.


We can deliver any type of marketing material to business owner, not just leaflets.


Prices for Business to Business Leaflet Distribution start at £89 per 1000.