When choosing the right direct marketing company to deliver your marketing material its not just all about the lowest cost possible. Sure cost is important and Direct Leaflets are one of the best in the UK for price, however that should never be your only decision for choosing the right company.

  1. Choosing a company that works with you and for you is important. We always work to your exact instructions and will always adapt our methods to compliment your requests. Its part of our customer is king way of working.
  2. Look out for price! Price is not always the best way to choose your direct marketing partner. Direct Leaflets is as competitive as it gets but we offer so much more. Always be wary of companies offering to beat our prices, if they employ adults and pay them a legal wage then it would be very difficult to get much cheaper than us! If one of our competitors can beat our price ask them if they employ adults on a full wage and also offer the same proof that we do with gps tracking, team leaders and random door checks to ensure the delivery of your material. If they don’t satisfy you after you ask these questions walk away!
  3. Choose a company that can do what you want them to do. Whether that is delivering on the street, door to door or another method you should always be sure to choose the company that will do what you want them to do, otherwise your campaign could be less effective.