What is GPS Tracking and Why Do We Use It

Since we started delivering leaflets we have always used GPS tracking for all of our GPS leaflet distribution campaigns.


What Is GPS Trackers

This is a device that each member of our team has on them at all times! The device is activated in the morning just before each person gets out of the vehicle and will not be turned off again until they have completed the distribution.


Why Do We Use Them

We have always insisted on each member of staff carrying a Tracker, whether it be a distributor or an agent handing out leaflets on a busy street.

We are not saying we distrust our members of staff, we are simply asking them to carry these devices for our records and their safety.

With the Trackers we can easily see which streets they have been on and how far they got so we can give our customers all the information they need to see how they distribution went.

They are also handy to the staff in the office so if the team leader has to find a team member and they don’t have a phone or the phone has no reception they are easily located.

By using this form of tracking we can give our customers peace of mind knowing we can see the teams at all times and they will get accurate report!