With some recent enquiries asking me what would be the best way to design a leaflet to get the highest conversation rate possible i thought i would post a quick guide for anybody else looking for similar information.

  1. We always recommend you work along with a printing company that has in house designers. You can cut corners and get it designed on an online forum like digitalpoint.com, however you will need to have an idea in mind already and just need a designer to create it for you. Keep in kind these will be amateur designers and may not give you the quality result you were looking for. With many printing companies offering free design for larger orders anyway we would always recommend you use one of these services. We can recommend a printing company to you that we use on a regular basis if you have not worked with one before, just contact us.
  2. The first thing you have to decide is what you are planning on doing with your marketing campaign. If it is to just make people aware of your business or to get the word out about a sale or special offer. If you were just planning on getting the word out about your business but not offering anything we would suggest you try to offer some kind of discount or promotion. The better the deal on offer the more customers you will attract, this is important to keep in mind when deciding what offer you will promote, but even if it is just 5% off or free delivery, its a hook that will attract more customers than no offer at all.Once you have decided what your hook will be you need to make sure you get your potential customers to act on it before they lose/bin your leaflet or put in a drawer to do later and end up forgetting about it. This is easily done with an “act now” hook, usually employing a deadline or closing date for your offer. If your campaign will be a long delivery or you don’t want to use a deadline you can always use the tried and trusted “valid only while stocks last” which will have a similar effect without giving a closing date for your promotion, giving you the luxury of ending it when you want to.
  3. Once you have decided on your hook you need to start thinking about design. When designing a leaflet, flyer or any other kind of door to door marketing material (possibly with the exception of menu’s which people will tend to keep anyway) less is definitely more. The main features of your promotional material should only have a few key points that stand out at first glance. These are your logo/business name, your hook or promotion, an attractive graphic in conjunction with you or your promotion and finally how to claim the promotion or contact you.Your logo or company name is obvious, it should be at the top or bottom and should not be bogged down by other content around it.

    Your hook or promotion should be a short and attractive message. This is the main text of the leaflet, this should be the largest text on your leaflet and should be either at the top or centre. You will only have 5 seconds to catch your potential customers attention so make sure your message is clear, to the point and hooks your customer into reading more.

    The graphic(s) you choose is just as important as your message for drawing the customer in and getting your point across. It should be clear what it is, this is important. Many companies make the mistake of going for a modern art type image thinking it makes their company look modern and stylish. All this achieves is confusion and will lose your potentials customers attention as they will have better things to do than try to figure out what your message is all about. Your overall leaflet layout can be stylish and attractive, but keep your main graphic straight to the point to explain to the customer what you do, even if they dont read any text. If your company is a blacksmiths choose an image of the best type of gates you have installed in front of a stylish house, creating that wow factor. You can include a few images but don’t flood your leaflet with images, if you only need one graphic to get your message across, only put one in. Essentially just keep it simple and to the point but making it something any potential customer will want to aspire to purchasing.

    You can have other features and further text content to go into more detail, this should be background noise though for when the hook has been made and the customer wishes to read more about the offer. Remember you are trying to catch your potential customers attention within 5 seconds of them looking at it, if it takes longer than that to see the promotion on offer and figure out what the leaflet or flyer is all about then there is too much background noise getting in the way of the main message.

  4. Once this has been achieved keep you additional text / other content down to a minimum. If you want to tell your customers so much more then include a short website link or your phone number asking your customer to contact you to find out more. Never feel that you need to fill the whole leaflet or flyer, if you only have the basics it means the customer will only read the basics so all householders who look at your leaflet will get your message. As long as your marketing material is sharp, visually pleasing to the eye and gets your message across your goal has been achieved.

If you have any issues or questions just contact us and we will be happy to help you or pass you onto a design expert who can go into more detail with you. Good luck in your design process!