Flyer Handouts

Street handouts have become a well-known and an extremely effective way of delivering your leaflets.

Everyone who has been to a major shopping centre or main street would have seen a team of distributors handing out flyers to passers-by. It’s a common sight because it is a very effective form of marketing in a very affordable way.

We offer this service so you don’t have to use your highly skilled and paid staff to do the “donkey” work that they probably won’t want to do and as a result will probably do in a way that is not customer friendly. We recognise that the person giving over the flyer is just as important as the message that’s on it. That is why we do it with a smile as we offer the flyer to your potential future customer.

Passers-by are the target audience, however you can choose which demographic of the public you would like your leaflets delivered to, from ‘business professionals only’ or ‘young fashionable people only’ to anyone else you would prefer to market to.

Affordable city centre advertising for only £89 per thousand!

Optional Extra’s Included in The Price:

We will target anyone in the shopping area at the time. However we can target only people who you want your leaflet delivered to, whether it is young or elderly, professional or casual, just let us know when you order!

We can deliver any day of the week. Monday to Friday is usually best for targeting professionals. Saturday and Sunday’s are best for shoppers, people from a wide range of backgrounds with disposable income.

We can have our staff wear clothing to suit the message you are trying to get across, clubbing clothes, suit and tie or anything else. We can even wear polo shirts or other outfits with your business name on them! (provided you can supply).

Name Your Street:
Tell us which street you want your leaflets delivered on and we will do it for you, all you have to do is let us know!



You will have full control over your order with us!

  • Choose how many days to deliver your marketing material and when to commence delivery
  • Choose which kind of demographic group to target
  • Choose which area’s we will target
  • Provide uniforms or detail a specific style for your distributors

Or  we can take care of it all for you from start to finish!

  • We can design your leaflet, flyer, promotional postcard for you!
  • We can have your marketing material printed!
  • We have software in place that will tell us where your best chances are for the best results from your campaign based on your chosen demographic.
  • We can evaluate the best demographic group for your business type to target
  • Your detailed report, during and after your marketing campaign has finished will be delivered to your office.
If you are not sure how many leaflets you will require for your order just let us know. This will vary depending on area and demographic group you wish to market to. For a general leaflet street handout in a busy street on any one day is typically around 3-6,000 leaflets.
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