Newspaper Distribution

Door to door distribution of Newspapers

Here at Direct Leaflets our name suggests we only distribute leaflets, but that is not the case!

We deliver all sorts of material including leaflets, menus, newspapers and catalogues, because we understand that no matter what type of material you have that it needs to be distributed by a reputable company. Newspaper Distribution is no different. In years gone by newspapers were delivered by paperboys to customers who bought them. Now though newspapers are often free and mass delivered to all homes in order to sell advertising space or as part of a council or informational bodies promotion. These are the types of newspapers we deliver and we are finding them to be more and more common. As a result we now offer a solus newspaper distribution service.

Yes…newspapers are bulkier than a single leaflet but that does not mean that it should be harder to be distributed, at our company we see every type of material as an important type of literature. Newspapers can take a little longer to distribute as the team members can’t take the same amount as they would with leaflets but you pay per 1000 delivered. There is extra costs and as a result the price per thousand is slightly higher than a normal A5 leaflet. However you will still only pay a set price per thousand, not by how many extra days it takes us.

So let us show you that we value your custom with whatever you are looking to get delivered no matter what size the contract is we are happy to oblige. Direct Leaflets have a wealth of experience in our newspaper distribution teams and are happy to help with any enquiry. If you require a newspaper distribution in your area call us free or email us today, we will reply within two working hours!