When deciding which distribution company is best suited for the role of delivering your marketing material cost should always be a factor, but never the deciding factor. The stigma direct marketing and leaflet distribution has had in the past is its always difficult to know if the work has been carried out by the people you are paying to deliver your material. This is often a cause for putting people off marketing in this way, despite it being proven to be the best way to market for the cost involved!

The problem many companies have encountered is they often fall for the pitfalls of someone telling them they will deliver their leaflets for an amazingly low price because they are either unemployed and its just extra cash for them, they employ illegal immigrants or another reason for the amazingly low price. We’ve heard them all and even had people calling us to try to get sub-contracted work from us for cheap! Just to put your mind as ease, we would never sub-contract your work to anyone as we could then never guarantee our work.

The cheap deals though are sadly an all to often regular occurrence and a lot of our customers today that use our service tell us they have been stung in the past by trying to do their direct marketing on the cheap. This is usually accompanied by the way they found out which the managers or owners can often laugh about later on, however it was always a costly mistake at the time. Some of the stories we have been told has been wide and varied, from the group of children bragging on facebook that they dumped the companies leaflets not realising a friend of a friend could read it. Or even on one occasion a gentleman told us that he was driving along a road and literally seen his leaflets being stuffed on mass into a bin. The worst story i have personally ever heard was a company was actually fined for littering after they paid a team of eastern European gentlemen “cash in hand” to deliver their leaflets. They subsequently dumped the companies leaflets, pocketed the companies money and then when the council found the illegal dump of leaflets the company was fined as it literally had their name written all over it, which just added insult to injury after not even having their leaflets distributed.

This is not just annoying when trying to generate more business in a tough financial climate where any outgoings have to be justified. But if you don’t know they have binned it could mean going out of business waiting for the upsurge in trading that will never come as a result of a poor or even non existent delivery. The problem is made worse when those leaflets have cost money to designed and printed and probably a lot of work has been wasted as a result of the distribution team not doing their work.

With Direct Leaflets you won’t have this problem. We take all the worry and follow up work out of your hands by triple checking our work with team leaders, manager spot checks at doors and gps tracking, all ensuring that your orders are carried out the letter (You can read more about how we guarantee our work under the “About Us” tab). At the end of the day its just not worth trying to save a few pounds with an illegal leaflet drop that might not even happen. When using Direct Leaflets to distribute your leaflets flyer, menu’s or any other marketing material you can rest assured that you are using a registered UK company with adult UK employee’s who take pride in our work. We have businesses that come back to us time and time again after they use our service and we are able to gain their trust and respect for quality work everytime.

Remember its not a good deal if your leaflets, flyers or menu’s are never delivered. Let Direct Leaflets do it with our unique 3 checks system and full money back guarantee!