Tips on Direct Marketing

If this is your first venture into direct marketing you may not be sure how to go about it. So we wanted to offer our new customers some tips on how to advertise in this way.

The most important part is getting your marketing material right. This is what your customers will see, and just like any other kind of marketing it is essential to grab your potential customers attention. We would always recommend that you offer some kind of discount or coupon to make any potential customers more interested and keener to act quicker. This is backed up by research that found that 84% of people polled said they had taken action as a result of a coupon or discount offered in a door to door leaflet or flyer drop.*

Getting the best deal for your promotion, in both printing and delivery, without harming the marketing campaign is also important. This is best done by choosing a printing company that will print in the higher quality lithlo printing method for the lowest price possible. You  will find cheaper printers but we would advise that you don’t use other methods as there is little reason in saving a few pounds when the quality could look poor to your potential customers and may even put them off. This goes without saying that choosing your delivery company is just as important, and as we offer the best methods of proofing delivery of your material with random checks, gps tracking and team leaders we would recommend you use us!

Choosing the right method of direct marketing is also important. If your looking to sell to only a young population then door to door may not be for you, so choosing street handouts to target young people only would be your best option. If you are looking to get your message across to everyone in a certain area as soon as possible then our door to door solus plan would be the best option for you. If you plan to just get your message across to the general public in just a general area like “glasgow” and don’t have an urgent need for the delivery to be completed in a certain time frame then the door to door shared plan could be an affordable way to get your message across.

We recommend if your new to this kind of marketing you start off with a small order of around 5,000 – 20,000 leaflets, flyers etc to test the market. If you place an order with us for design, printing and delivery we can often offer a special deal and get them distributed to you within 14 days of receipt of payment! This seem strange for a distribution company to recommend a smaller order to our customers, but we always have our customers best interests at heart and always strive to make sure you are happy with the results of your marketing campaigns with us. After an initial order you can find out if it is worth your while making a bigger order and expanding your direct marketing campaigns.


* Source: DMA

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