Why Direct Marketing Works!

Many people ask if direct marketing is an effective method of marketing anymore. You just have to look around you for many of the other ways to market from TV to the internet. But the facts speak for themselves, direct marketing doesn’t just still work, its the best and the most cost effective way of getting your message out the general public. This is the cost effective way of gaining new customers in the modern market!

Leaflet distribution is a key way to;

  • Generate new business and sales leads
  • Re-establish relationships with old dormant customers
  • reminding exisiting customers and new customers alike of your offers
  • Increase the loyalty of your customers
  • Increase brand awareness



Direct marketing has been found to be more effective than most other types of marketing, including TV advertising. Most respondents, 72%, said they had taken some action as a result of receiving unaddressed door-drop items through their letterbox. This compares with 52% agreeing with the statement that they did not take much notice of what is being advertised on TV*

Source: DMA


Cost Cautious

When it comes to direct marketing there is little doubt that it is more cost effective than TV, radio and even internet marketing, but what is the most cost effective way of advertising your company with direct marketing?
Direct Mailing, or ‘mail shots’, is a common way of direct marketing, however it is not very cost effective to your business. and is the reason why we do not offer you this service. To give you an idea of how costly this is compare it to one of our shared door to door plans. To have 10,000 leaflets or flyers delivered door to door by us under our shared plan this would cost you £390. However you have a mail shot with an average priced company offering this service it would cost you around £3,000 for the same 10,000 marketing material to be delivered to the exact same addresses! This is due to costs involving envelopes, stamp costs and other costs involved that just don’t exist with our door to door plans.